Thursday, July 9, 2009

Older photographs taken with a Nikon N70

"Sunrise Over Kahala"

Multi-million dollar homes, many on beachfront property, sprawl over the landscape of Kahala. Kahala is set apart from hurried and harried Waikiki by a just a few miles but the ambiance is a world apart. Dawn breaks on this peaceful peninsula on which the Kahala Hotel stands prominently.

"Diamondhead Lighthouse"

From the summit of Diamond Head, we see this towering beacon looming over the trees. To the east is Kahala; to the west, Waikiki. Just a few stone throws to the east is a popular spearfishing spot. Out beyond the reef is a surfing spot.

The Hokule'a
A worthy sailing vessel, the Hokule'a was fashioned to resemble the ships of old. The crew follows the the ancient routes of the Polynesian Islanders. The Kapuna -- teachers or elders -- mentor their students in the wisdom and the ways of the mighty mariners, that might --otherwise -- be long forgotten.

"Lava Flow"
On the big island of Hawai'i, lava -- molten rock -- flows from Kilaue'a crater into the Pacific Ocean. New land is created and, as it fractures from heat and weight, crashes back into the ocean. Lava tubes, just under the surface, can collapse without warning, making the land very unstable.

"Black Forest, Colorado Springs"
Dusted in white, the Black Forest landscape is a picture of snowy serenity. The Falcon Fire Station, nestled nearby, is at the ready. But for now, all is well, all is well.

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