Sunday, July 12, 2009

Catalyzing a Motion Anointing

Last Sunday during worship, I saw Carol worshiping in the back of the church. I motioned for her to come up towards the front. Once she made her way to the front, she dis some small movements. I walked up to her and called her spirit to the front. I released her spirit to take dominion over her soul. She immediately started making sweeping movements. She was more engaged in her motion anointing then I've ever seen.

This morning during worship, Carol came up to the front and made these sweeping motions that were full of power. The longer she was fully engaged, the stronger the anointing became. Either she was stirring up something in the spiritual realm or she was mimicking the movement in heaven. Whatever the case people felt the anointing. When she moved toward the back, I felt the anointing diminish. Pastor John did also. Both of us called and motioned to Carol to come back to the front. When she came back, so did the strength of the anointing.

I have a catalytic anointing. I do not understand everthing about it but I know when I am engaged with someone, I can communicate with them on two distinct levels. The obvious is the soul level. These are the words that I speak along with the non-verbal cues. The less obvious but infinitely more profound level is spirit to spirit. When my spirit connects with another person's spirit, I am a catalyst for change. Strongholds (mindsets) crumble, and attitudes change. The is a tremendous return on such a small investment. I just engage in conversation and people change. This is my free money.

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