Sunday, July 12, 2009

Catalyzing a Motion Anointing

Last Sunday during worship, I saw Carol worshiping in the back of the church. I motioned for her to come up towards the front. Once she made her way to the front, she dis some small movements. I walked up to her and called her spirit to the front. I released her spirit to take dominion over her soul. She immediately started making sweeping movements. She was more engaged in her motion anointing then I've ever seen.

This morning during worship, Carol came up to the front and made these sweeping motions that were full of power. The longer she was fully engaged, the stronger the anointing became. Either she was stirring up something in the spiritual realm or she was mimicking the movement in heaven. Whatever the case people felt the anointing. When she moved toward the back, I felt the anointing diminish. Pastor John did also. Both of us called and motioned to Carol to come back to the front. When she came back, so did the strength of the anointing.

I have a catalytic anointing. I do not understand everthing about it but I know when I am engaged with someone, I can communicate with them on two distinct levels. The obvious is the soul level. These are the words that I speak along with the non-verbal cues. The less obvious but infinitely more profound level is spirit to spirit. When my spirit connects with another person's spirit, I am a catalyst for change. Strongholds (mindsets) crumble, and attitudes change. The is a tremendous return on such a small investment. I just engage in conversation and people change. This is my free money.


On the windard side of the island of O'ahu, the Majestic Ko'olau Mountain Range -- veiled in mist -- towers above the city of Kaneohe.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Pike's Peak, Satuday, June 20, 2009

We spent five days in Colorado Springs. We were planning to drive up to Pike's Peak on Friday but on that morning Joni said she felt that we should go up the next day. The delay allowed us to have two companions with us on the journey -- Carol (the wife of my former pastor whose house we stayed at while in town) and Pat (who goes to church with us and was in town visiting her brother).

Saturday was very cloudy. Throughout the rest of the trip the sky was clear. We enjoyed the drive up to the summit and back. We all felt that it was a very spiritual experience. When we got to the top, it started snowing. We stopped at the visitor center and bought some souveneirs. Pat, who is going through divorce proceedings, danced a prophetic of freedom in Christ. She took off her shoes and danced barefoot in the snow. It was a powerful act.

We left the summit and stopped near the toll gate and ate our lunch. As part of our "love feast", I suggested we have communion. With almond butter and peach preserve sandwiches for the bread of life and bottled water for the cup of salvation we remembered Christ Jesus. It was a holy moment.

As we descended the mountain, I asked God to reveal why it was significant that it was cloudy on this particular day. Carol shared that God had us hidden in the shadow of his wings. Joni shared that God is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. He enables us to see only what is immediately before us. I shared that God wants us to pay attention to what is going on around us so that we don't miss what he is doing.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Above: Nu'uanu Stream, near my house
Below: Palolo Valley -- where my church is located

These photos were taken at the National Cemetary of the Pacific in Punchbowl Crater.

Older photographs taken with a Nikon N70

"Sunrise Over Kahala"

Multi-million dollar homes, many on beachfront property, sprawl over the landscape of Kahala. Kahala is set apart from hurried and harried Waikiki by a just a few miles but the ambiance is a world apart. Dawn breaks on this peaceful peninsula on which the Kahala Hotel stands prominently.

"Diamondhead Lighthouse"

From the summit of Diamond Head, we see this towering beacon looming over the trees. To the east is Kahala; to the west, Waikiki. Just a few stone throws to the east is a popular spearfishing spot. Out beyond the reef is a surfing spot.

The Hokule'a
A worthy sailing vessel, the Hokule'a was fashioned to resemble the ships of old. The crew follows the the ancient routes of the Polynesian Islanders. The Kapuna -- teachers or elders -- mentor their students in the wisdom and the ways of the mighty mariners, that might --otherwise -- be long forgotten.

"Lava Flow"
On the big island of Hawai'i, lava -- molten rock -- flows from Kilaue'a crater into the Pacific Ocean. New land is created and, as it fractures from heat and weight, crashes back into the ocean. Lava tubes, just under the surface, can collapse without warning, making the land very unstable.

"Black Forest, Colorado Springs"
Dusted in white, the Black Forest landscape is a picture of snowy serenity. The Falcon Fire Station, nestled nearby, is at the ready. But for now, all is well, all is well.